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Security and Compliance

Security was once as simple as antivirus and a firewall.  Unfortunately, today this is no longer enough.  Small and medium sized businesses today are more often targets of attackers, because hackers know smaller businesses are not focused on security.  Multipoint knows security, providing the highest degree of security to pass the latest auditing standards of SSAE Soc Type I and II specification, Government NIST 800-171, MPAA Motion Picture Association, TPN Audits and many more...

Multipoint, based in Los Angeles bridges the gap for small businesses by providing the same tools, industry giants use at a fraction of the cost.  Not only will you benefit by safeguarding your company but it will put you ahead of the competition, since it's almost assured if you don't act to protect your company, it will inevitably be breached.  This not only could ruin your business reputation but your business altogether. Let us show you how with a free onsite-consultation by calling (310) 491-0169 today.


Watch our animation or find out more below.

The Multipoint Difference
The Multipoint Security Plan

We create a comprehensive security plan for you including:

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • IT Asset Management Plan

  • Risk Management Plan

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Data Security Breach Plan

  • Business Impact Analysis

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