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Security Audit 


Building confidence in Partnerships with Robust online security


Navigating the digital world safely is more than just having antivirus software and a firewall. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, which are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attackers. This is where Multipoint can make a difference. We specialize in providing robust security solutions that meet the highest auditing standards, including SSAE Soc Type I and II, Government NIST 800-171, MPAA Motion Picture Association, TPN Audits, and more.

Located in Los Angeles, Multipoint offers you the benefit of enterprise-level security tools without the hefty price tag. Choosing Multipoint means you’re not just protecting your business, but also gaining a competitive edge. Without proactive measures, a security breach could be just around the corner, potentially damaging your business reputation or worse.

Don’t let your business be vulnerable. Secure your peace of mind with Multipoint. We offer a free onsite consultation to show you how we can strengthen your defenses. Call us at (424)777-4234 today.


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The Multipoint Security Plan

Security plan for you including:

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • IT Asset Management Plan

  • Risk Management Plan

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Data Security Breach Plan

  • Business Impact Analysis

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