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Data backup and disaster recovery


Data loss can be devastating for any business. It can cause downtime, lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and reputation damage. That’s why you need a reliable and affordable data recovery service that can help you restore your data in any situation.

That’s why you need Multipoint, the ultimate solution for data recovery and protection.

Multipoint is more than just a backup service. It is a powerful tool that helps you optimize your data environment and achieve your business goals. With Multipoint, you can:

  • Recover from any disaster in minutes, not hours or days. Multipoint uses virtual machine technology to take consistent snapshots of your data throughout the day, so you can restore your data to any point in time with a few clicks

  • Save money and resources by running multiple data environments from one piece of hardware. Multipoint reduces your need for physical servers, which lowers your maintenance and electricity costs .

  • Test and migrate your data with ease and confidence. Multipoint lets you create and restore snapshots of your data without affecting your production environment. You can also move and redeploy your data between different servers or cloud platforms with ease .

Multipoint is the best choice for your data recovery needs. It is simple, reliable, and cost-effective. You can start using Multipoint today for only $199 per month for up to 1TB of data backup.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your data with Multipoint today. Visit our website or contact us for a free consultation. We are here to help you succeed

See how true disaster recovery works

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The Multipoint Difference
The Multipoint Disaster Recovery Difference

By employing proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, Multipoint eliminates the inherent inefficiency of the traditional backup chain. Multipoint takes data directly from the server and converts it into virtual machine readable files that can be booted instantly by using any common hypervisor.


Local backups are sufficient to recover from common disasters, but a location destroying event requires a remote recovery solution if business is to continue. This innovative approach of storing data allows for instant on-site and off-site recovery. Preventing businesses from having to experience downtime in the event of a disaster, offering the peace of mind that backups will be available at a moment’s notice.

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